Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Cherokee Community Small Group Concert

On December 21st our small group The Cherokee Community, had the awesome privilege of bringing Christmas to the Hospice Center in Strongsville. Our group sang carols accompanied by saxophone, and also performed a saxophone duet, saxophone solo, a bass and saxophone duet, a children's trio and an women's quartet. While no one came down to the lobby during our performance we did have nurses tell us that evening that the music was drifting to every room. Since that evening we received a letter thanking us for giving our time and talents to bring Christmas to the residents. Perhaps the most touching of all was hearing that one resident passed away an hour after we finished performing. Could it be that their last memories of this world were the music praising Jesus' birth? We can make a difference, just by letting God use us. Not only were the residents effected by our evening, but we were changed as well. We grew together as a family as we shared God's love with the world.