Friday, January 29, 2010

Wednesday Night Pioneer Girls

This place was buzzing on Wednesday night, as we found our Pioneer Girl Groups learning together and reaching out in service to others. Our younger groups were connecting with God and one another through various activities. The Trailblazers had invited some of our Senior ladies to partner with them in a service project. They spent the evening decorating cookies and making Valentine cards to be sent to those serving our country overseas. Our Junior Guides along with their leaders put their learning into action as they became our teachers for the evening in one of the pre-school classes. Girls, come joins us on Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:30.

Children's Worker Breakfast

Last Saturday, 95 of our children workers gathered together to enjoy a tremendous breakfast, learn about each other and participate in a live game of Clue. As our groups moved from the “study” to the “conservatory” to the “kitchen” and other rooms, they got to meet all of the Clue characters, Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. White, Mrs. Peacock, and Mr. Green. After brainstorming about the clues to connect effectively with kids, each age group formulated a plan to help show kids that KIDS MATTER. We pray that each of us will do our part to help children find and follow Jesus Christ.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crazy Olympics

It’s the adults vs. the teens. The adults line up to decide who will start at each activity.

Each person had to put on five articles of clothing. Accessories are always so important for a good fashion look.

Picking up marbles can be a challenge, but in ice water? Using your toes?

Whipped cream tastes good, unless it’s still frozen. It made it hard to find the Skittle hidden in the whipped cream (which was also frozen).

Who should we choose to fit the most marshmallows in their mouth?

Yuck! And he wasn’t even the winner!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Churchtime Snowball Fight

Snowball fights can be fun. Rather than getting cold and wet outdoors, the children in grades 1-4 battled indoors on December 27.

The girls' team and boys' team each prepared their arsenal by crumbling sheets of newspaper into compact “snowballs”.

The teams form their plan of attack.

The leaders keep a watchful eye as the “snowballs” fly.