Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pioneer Girls' Old Fashioned Street Fair

AN OLD FASHIONED STREET FAIR IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER—What an experience for our Pioneer Girls as they enjoyed the evening with their dads at our special valentine event.  Dads & daughters enjoyed the evening playing hopscotch, jumping rope, 3 legged races, hoola hooping, cup stacking, some special snacks, and much more.  Both Dads and daughters were heard saying they hadn’t done some of these things in years.  The evening culminated with a beautiful drawing by a local artist along with a special letter from Jesus.  What a great night to be together with dads, uncles, grandfathers, or other special friends.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stockade Overnighter

The PHBC Stockade, for boys from 3rd grade through 6th grade had their annual overnighter recently. Over 30 boys and dad's were together through the night for games, stories, contests and food (sleeping was optional). Some of the activities included: Battle Ball (the boys #1 favorite game), kickball, basketball, relay races, paper airplane contests, bible trivia contest, and a bible story. The boys and dads also learned about the City Mission, which is where some of the money collected with aluminum cans and shares went for this year. Stockade is open to all boys 3rd grade through 6th grade. We meet every Wednesday evening during Family Night. Each week we have games, a bible story and achievement time. If you have never been to Stockade now is a great time to check us out. Dad's you are welcome to join in as well!