Friday, March 25, 2011

2011 Boys Brigade and Pioneer Girls Pinewood Derby

Wednesday, March 23rd was the annual Boys Brigade and Pioneer Girls Pinewood Derby race. Over 50 boys and girls from 1st grade through 6th grade participated in making pinewood derby cars and racing them down our track.The evening began with Pastor Dan Adams giving a short devotion on running a good race in our walk with God and life. After this inspiring talk the racing began with the crowd shouting those three famous words in racing - "Start Your Engines"! Awards were given out for the top four racers and best design for each age group. The top four boy racers will be moving on to a regional race in Akron later this month. At the end of the night the fastest boy faced off against the fastest girl, with a 6th grade Stockade boy taking the top spot. During the evening the Pioneer Girls Junior Guides sold refreshments to raise money for Stony Glen Camp. The camp is expanding its facilities. Both the boys and girls attend the camp and both groups thought they could help raise a little money for them. Over $100 will be donated thanks to everyone's generosity.