Thursday, August 13, 2009

Second One Dollar Car Wash

On August 12th the Student Ministry group had another $1 Car Wash. The group washes cars for free and gives the driver a dollar!

Alex got a lot of cars to stop when they saw him in this monkey suit.
We even washed other forms of transportation like this wheel chair and a bike.

We tried to do a really good job, very quickly and with lots of helpers we were able to.

Waiting patiently for a nother customer.

We had lots of fun serving God and others by washing cars. Thank you to all who came! Remember, Jesus loves you and so do we! :-)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Best Prank Ever!

The Student Ministry seniors, plus a couple extras, at 2 am set up a yard sale in Pastor Brent's front yard to help raise money for his extra work he does.
The yard sale was from 8am-Noon and the whole neighborhood saw signs for it.

The group did an amazing job and made the yard look like a beautiful house with high end materials.

The signs were bright so everyone could see them!

There was everything you would ever need: A whole dining room set, including romantic candel sticks, and dishes, a cot for your bed room, a toilet with a book rack, a couch with not only 1 TV, but 2, a baby bed, a lawn mower, and a couple decorations.

Student Ministry Waterbury, CT Mission Trip

On July 25th, The Student Ministry group left for a 12 hour trip to Waterbury, Ct. We had a few problems getting there, but that didn't hold back what God had planned for the mission trip. While in Waterbury, we put on a Vacation Bible School/Day Camp for the children in the Waterbury community, and participated in a few of Waterbury Baptist Ministry's activities.

On the last night of VBS, the kids preformed for their parents at Parent's Night! It was also a sad good bye.
The teens developed great relationships with the kids, while having a fun time.
Each day the kids learned a Bible verse, were told a Bible Story, created beautiful crafts, sang songs, and prepared for Parent's Night!

The kids LOVED plying Little Sally Walker! Everyone, even Pastor Maner, got involved.

It was a pleasure to see the teens take leadership and ownership of the VBS, and the love they showed to the kids and the community.