Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boys Brigade Awards

On Wednesday, May 25th the PHBC Boys Brigade program held its annual recognition night. To start the night the Stockade shared their opening ceremony with the group. The Academy Administrator, Dave Griffey provided a short devotional and charge to the boys and the parents. Each of the groups recognized each boy and young man who participated throughout the year. PHBC Brigade has three programs. Treeclimbers (grades 1-2), Stockade (grades 3-4), Sentinels (grades 5-6) and Battalion (grades 7-12). After the awards were given everyone enjoyed refreshments together.The goal of this program is to assist boys and young men in their walk with God. The use of scripture, activities and games creates an environment where each one can grow closer in the walk with God in new and exciting ways. If you have a son in Grades 1 - 12, this is a great place to be on Wednesday night's throughout the school year! See you in September!
 Opening ceremony done by Stockade

 Builders receiving their awards

 Sentinels receiving their awards

 Pastor Dan recognizing Jacob and Kyle for Highest Honors in Stockade. These two boys, along with Jesse completed all requirements of the four year program.

 Jacob and Kyle - Stockade Highest Honor recipients

Battalion receiving their awards. Evan received special recognition for most points and will be getting a private airplane ride as a reward.

Real World University

A Christian’s role as a disciple of Christ does not always mean going into full time ministry. Every career is a mission field and that is the goal of Real World University. The organization introduces students to a number of professions where Christians are using their talents and reaching the world for Christ. This year our students were able to visit Cleveland City Mission and Hopkins Airport where they learned about all the various jobs it takes to make each day a success.

Here are some pictures from their time at Hopkins Airport

Youth NYC Mission Trip Training

Spirits were high as the second training session was held for OneEightyOne’s mission trip. This year a select number of students will have the opportunity of serving in New York City through street evangelism. They will be working with city missionary Sam Frey, a long time veteran of urban ministry, along with local churches. The teens learned valuable skills such as communication techniques, Gospel presentation, and a handy rope trick. This trip serves as a reminder that we do not have to travel very far to do outreach.

 Sam Frey is beginning the training.

 The room was filled with eager learners.

 Conversation diagram.

 The Gospel drawing catches people's attention so we can share the truth.

 Pastor Dan with a few students after a recharging lunch.

The Team

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Youth Open Mic Night

Last month the teens put on their first ever Open Mic Night outreach. It was a chance for students and guests to perform their wide variety of talents: singing, dancing, poetry, acting and even some magic as well. The night was a huge success, so keep your ears open for when the next one comes around. For now, enjoy this short video of that night.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Youth Spaghetti Dinner

The annual spaghetti dinner went off without a hitch this year. Families turned up for a great meal and good service, all the servers were teen volunteers. The funds raised from the dinner and desert auction go towards the student’s cost for Student Life summer camp and the New York Missions Trip in July.

Pastor Dan briefs the volunteers before the rush.

For the event to run smoothly, a line of teens plated the food while a team of servers waited on their assigned tables.

The turnout was fantastic!

It was a lot of work, but they still had fun.

Here they are showing off all those tasty treats.


Monday, May 16, 2011

PHCA - ACSI Music Festival

On Friday, April 8th, PHCA welcomed eight visiting schools in an ACSI Music Festival. Schools from as far as Canton and Toledo drove in for this event. The many different categories in the competition included: vocal choirs, vocal duets and solos, full bands, various solos, duets and trio with instruments. At the end of the event, there was a mass choir performance from all the schools, singing "A Festive Alleluia".

Thursday, May 5, 2011

YAM Book & DVD Drop at Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital

On April 30th the Young Adult Ministry was able to deliver a host of books and DVDs to the Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital near the heart of downtown. In all, over 1200 items were collected! 

That's enough to fill up the back of an F150.

 The books quickly took over the reception area.

Thanks again to our team of volunteers!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our Teens Spring into Service

It’s been exciting to see our teens Spring into Service during their vacation time. A number of our teens were helping meet the needs of our church and community through our Spring Service Projects.

Our first project was to prepare for summer outreach ministries.

We also volunteered and sorted clothes at Thrift Nation, which is a non-profit second hand store that uses all income to support missions, orphanages, etc.

Finally, we spent an afternoon at MedWish, which reclaims medical supplies and re purposes redistributes medical supplies and making them available to developing nations in need.
Praise God for teens who have a heart to love and serve their community!

"Wonder Full World" Women's Retreat

On April 8th and 9th a group of women from PHBC set off on a “trip around the world.” While others have traveled the world in 80 days, it took us just 2 days to step foot on every continent. Along the way we learned that God's world is truly full of wonders. He cares for each of us, no matter where we are. We are royalty, His princesses, and we truly matter to Him. When life gets hard, and the cold winds of Antarctica are blowing on us, He is always there and His Word and His actions show us over and over again that we can really rely on HIM. Making a difference is something everyone can do! We were blessed to be able to put together blankets to send to an orphanage during our stop in Africa.

When we finally arrived back in the States we walked away having grown closer to God, but also to the women who traveled with us. It was a “Wonder Full” time. Keep an eye on your calendars because you never know where God will lead us next year!

Jeff Brubaker - Faith Story

Dave Pietrzak - Faith Story